Welcome to Golden Retriever Acres Senior Sanctuary (GRASS)

Where Grey is Golden! 501(C)(3) formed in 2012.

The Golden Retriever Acres Senior Sanctuary serves primarily as a refuge for senior and special needs Goldens by providing a clean, safe and loving sanctuary for these abandoned Goldens to live out their golden years.

The founders of GRASS and its volunteers have a true love for the older dogs especially Goldens and we are dedicated to their welfare. We know of both the joy and challenges that come with owning an older dog. We know we can make a difference in the life of a senior Golden and we believe a senior Golden can make a difference in the life of an adopter or foster caregiver.

Our beliefs are strong and include the following

We believe “old gold is the best gold” and these dogs serve positively to benefit our own emotional state and quality of life. They instill in us love, compassion, responsibility, loyalty, and patience.
We firmly believe that dogs are not replaceable. They truly are our family members and they depend on us for emotional support, love, and care throughout all stages of their lives.
We believe in a policy that places quality of life above all else. At times, we must make the difficult choice to humanely stop the suffering of a senior or special needs Golden. This is based on whether the dog is harmful to itself or others. We also consider the dog’s overall health and physical state.
We believe in working in our local community. From High Schools to Boy Scouts, it is rewarding to teach a younger generation the responsibility of a caring for a dog. Caring for a dog is a commitment for its entire life.
We believe that every special needs and senior Golden should live its life to the fullest while in the golden years, whether that means years, months, weeks, or days.

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